Investigators Project Title Progress Report

Funded Projects for FY18 (funding period: July 2018 - June 2020)

Chidong Zhang and Wanqiu Wang

A New Technique for Improved MJO Prediction


Andrew Robertson, Michael Tippett, Nicholas Vigaud, Dan C. Collins

Testing, refinement and demonstration of probabilistic multi-model, calibrated subseasonal global forecast products


Benjamin Kirtman, Leo Siqueira, Robert J. Burgman, David G. DeWitt

Sensitivity of NMME Seasonal Predictions to Ocean Eddy Resolving Coupled Models


Jadwiga Richter, Judith Perlwitz, Dan C. Collins, Nicholas Pedatella, Joseph Tribbia, Julio Bacmeister

Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction with NCAR’s CESM2-WACCM


Dan C. Collins, Q.J. Wang, Andrew Schepen, Sarah Strazzo, Liwei Jia, Emily Becker

A Hybrid Statistical-Dynamical System for the Seamless Prediction of Daily Extremes and Subseasonal to Seasonal Climate Variability


Carl Schreck, Stephen Baxter, Matthew Janiga

Operational transition of novel statistical–dynamical forecasts for tropical subseasonal-toseasonal drivers


Elizabeth Barnes, Eric Maloney, Daniel Harnos, Laura Ciasto

Skillfully Predicting Atmospheric Rivers and Their Impacts in Weeks 2-5 Based on the State of the MJO and QBO Skillful empirical subseasonal prediction of landfalling atmospheric river activity using the Madden-Julian Oscillation and the Quasi-biennial Oscillation


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1)   Test the most relevant and promising research advances

2)   Make NCEP infrastructure and expertise available to the external community

3)   Deploy the developments arising from funded MAPP-CTB research projects into NCEP operational climate forecast systems, products, and applications


MAPP-CTB Funded Projects