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NOAA Climate Test Bed Joint Seminar Series

( 2008 - 2009 )

"This Climate Test Bed (CTB) Joint Seminar Series is going to focus on the CTB strategic priorities; specifically composed of the Research to Operation (R2O) component, i.e. NCEP Climate Forecast System (CFS) improvement, multi-model ensemble, climate forecast products, and the Operation to Research (O2R) component of using CFS for scientific research."

                                                                  —  Opening address by Fiona Horsfall,

                                                                        Director of NOAA Climate Test Bed

Extended Summaries



10 Jun 2009  Ocean reanalyses: Prospects for climate studies

    by James A. Carton                [Print Version]

6 May 2009  How much do different land models matter for climate simulation?

    by Jiangfeng Wei et al.          [Print Version]

4 May 2009  Seasonal prediction with CCSM: Impact of atmosphere and land surface initialization

    by James L. Kinter III et al.  [Print Version]

29 Apr 2009  Effects of freshwater flux (FWF) forcing on interannual climate variability in the tropical Pacific

    by Zhang and Busalacchi     [Print Version]

22 Apr 2009  Amazon deforestation in CFS

    by Edwin K. Schneider          [Print Version]

24 Feb 2009  Relationship of U.S. summer droughts with SST and soil moisture: Distinguishing the time scale of droughts

    by Renguang Wu                   [Print Version]

10 Feb 2009  Seamless prediction of weather and climate: A new paradigm for modeling and prediction research

    by J. Shukla                            [Print Version]

4 Feb 2009  Two flavors of El Niņo and its predictability

    by Emilia K. Jin                      [Print Version]

10 Dec 2008  Subseasonal variability of hurricane activity

    by Kathy Pegion et al.           [Print Version]

3 Dec 2008  Some ideas for ensemble Kalman filtering

    by Eugenia Kalnay                [Print Version]

24 Nov 2008  Annual cycle and prediction of interannual variability

    by Zhaohua Wu                      [Print Version]

24 Jun 2009  Bias Correction and Forecast Skill of NCEP GFS Ensemble Week-1 and Week-2 Precipitation and Soil Moisture Forecasts            [Print Version]

   by Yun Fan and Huug M. van den Dool

27 May 2009  Development of neural network emulations of model radiation for improving the computational performance of the NCEP climate simulations and seasonal forecasts                              [Print Version]

   by V. M. Krasnopolsky et al.  

11 May 2009  Methods of Multi-Model Consolidation, with Emphasis on the Recommended Three-Year-Out Cross Validation Approach

   by Huug van den Dool      [Print Version]

9 Apr 2009  Drought Monitoring over the United States

   by Kingtse Mo                      [Print Version]

9 Mar 2009  Validation of reanalysis daily precipitation over the Americas

   by V. B. S. Silva et al.          [Print Version]

21 Jan 2009  Dynamic hurricane season prediction experiment with the NCEP CFS CGCM                            [Print Version]

   by Jae-Kyung E. Schemm and Lindsey Long

17 Nov 2008  Regional and seasonal improvements in the skill and value of CPC 3-month outlooks

   by Edward A. O’Lenic           [Print Version]

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6/24/09 at NCEP

Yun Fan: "Bias Correction and Forecast Skill of NCEP GFS Ensemble Week-1 and Week-2 Precipitation and Soil Moisture Forecasts" (ppt)

6/10/09 at COLA

Jim Carton: "Ocean reanalyses: prospects for climate studies" (ppt)

6/3/09 at NCEP

Alexander (Sandy) MacDonald: "The Nonhydrostatic Icosahedral Model: Description and potential use in climate prediction" (ppt)

5/27/09 at NCEP

Vladimir Krasnopolsky: " Development of Neural Network Emulations of Model Radiation for Improving the Computational Performance of the NCEP Seasonal Climate Forecasts" (ppt)

5/11/09 at ESSIC

Huug van den Dool: "Methods of Multi-Model Consolidation, with Emphasis on Recommended Cross Validation Approach" (ppt)

5/6/09 at NCEP

Jiangfeng Wei: "How much do different land models matter for climate simulation?" (ppt)

5/4/09 at NCEP

James L. Kinter III: "Soil Moisture Effects on Precipitations with CCSM" (ppt)

4/29/09 at NCEP

Rong-Hua Zhang: "Effects of Freshwater Flux (FWF) Forcing on Interannual Climate Variability in the Tropical Pacific" (ppt)

4/22/09 at NCEP

E. Schneider: "Amazon Deforestation in CFS" (ppt)

4/9/09 at COLA

Kingtse Mo: "Monitoring Many Faces of Drought over the United States" (ppt)

3/16/09 at NCEP

Augustin Vintzileos: "On the Importance of Atmospheric and Oceanic Initial Conditions in Forecasting the MJO with the NCEP-CFS" (ppt)

3/9/09 at ESSIC

Viviane Silva: "Validation of Reanalysis Daily Precipitation over the Americas" (ppt)

2/24/09 at NCEP

Renguang Wu: "The Relationship of U.S. Summer Droughts with SST and Soil Moisture: Distinguishing the Time Scale of Droughts" (ppt)

2/11/09 at COLA

Soo-Hyun Yoo: "The Relationships between Indo-Pacific SSTs and Asian Summer Monsoons in the NCEP CFS" (ppt)

2/10/09 at NCEP

J. Shukla: "Seamless Weather and Climate Prediction"  ( Abstract ) (ppt)

2/4/09 at NCEP

Emilia Jin: "Factors Limiting the Current Skill of Forecasts: Flaws in Model and Initialization" (ppt)

1/21/09 at COLA

J. Schemm: "Dynamic Hurricane Season Prediction Experiment with the NCEP CFS CGCM" (ppt)

12/10/08 at NCEP

K. Pegion: "Subseasonal Variability of Tropical Cyclone Activity" (ppt)

12/3/08 at COLA

E. Kalnay: "Local Ensemble Kalman Filter (LETKF)" (ppt)

11/24/08 at NCEP

Z. Wu: "Annual Cycle and Predictability of Interannual Variability" (ppt)

11/17/08 at ESSIC

E. O'Lenic: "Regional and Seasonal Improvements in the Skill and Value of CPC 3-Month Outlook" (ppt)

11/12/08 at NCEP

V. Ramaswamy: "Climate Modeling at GFDL: The Scientific Challenges" (ppt I, ppt II)

10/29/08 at NCEP

H.-L Pan: "CFS - Under the Hood" (ppt)

S. Lord: "CFS - Where It's Going" (ppt)



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||            Synthesis of Climate Modeling and Prediction Issues          ||

||                       from FY09 CTB Joint Seminar Series                         ||

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