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11NM W Eagle River MI
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 Marine Point Forecast 47.42°N 88.47°W
Associated Zone Forecast which includes this point
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Actualizada: 3:56 am EDT 29 de Sep, 2022
Pronóstico Válido Hasta: 8am EDT Sep 29, 2022-6pm EDT Oct 5, 2022
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SW 15kt
Hi: 58 °F

Mostly Clear
SSW 13kt
Lo: 53 °F

SSW 12ktWinds Decreasing
Hi: 59 °F

Partly Cloudy
Winds IncreasingENE 8kt
< 1ft
Lo: 52 °F

Partly Sunny
ENE 17kt
Waves Building5ft
Hi: 56 °F

Mostly Cloudy
ENE 15kt
Lo: 50 °F

Mostly Sunny
ESE 11kt
Hi: 57 °F

Partly Cloudy
SSW 9kt
< 1ft
Lo: 52 °F

Mostly Sunny
SW 10kt
< 1ft
Hi: 60 °F

Temperatures shown above are for air.

Marine Point Forecast
Today: SW wind 8 to 15 kt. Sunny. Waves around 2 ft.

Tonight: SSW wind 7 to 13 kt. Mostly clear. Waves around 1 ft.

Friday: SSW wind 7 to 12 kt becoming variable and less than 5 kt in the afternoon. Sunny. Waves around 1 ft.

Friday Night: Variable winds less than 5 kt becoming ENE 5 to 8 kt in the evening. Partly cloudy. Waves 1 ft or less.

Saturday: ENE wind 10 to 17 kt. Partly sunny. Waves 1 ft building to 5 ft.

Saturday Night: ENE wind 12 to 15 kt. Mostly cloudy. Waves 3 to 4 ft.

Sunday: ESE wind 7 to 11 kt. Mostly sunny. Waves 1 to 2 ft.

Sunday Night: ESE wind 7 to 9 kt becoming SSW after midnight. Partly cloudy. Waves 1 ft or less.

Monday: SW wind 7 to 10 kt. Mostly sunny. Waves 1 ft or less.

*Notices: (1) This forecast is for a single location. For safety concerns, mariners should be aware of the weather over a larger area. Forecast information for a larger area can be found within the zone forecast and the NDFD graphics.
(2) The forecast conditions at a particular point may not exceed the criteria of a Small Craft Advisory, Gale, Storm etc. These watches/warnings/advisories are issued for the entire zone in which the point resides and mariners should act accordingly.

Tiempo local actualMueve el mapa del pronóo por punto arriba, y condiciones actuales, radar, y satelíte abajo.
PCLM4 Portage Canal
Lat: 47.28°N   Lon: 88.53°W   Elev: 195.7
Last Update on Sep 18, 10:40 am EDT
Not a Current Observation


Wind: E 3 KT
Pressure: 1019.3 mb
Air Temperature: 50 °F (10 °C)
Water Temperature: NA
Dewpoint: NA
Wave Hgt/Dir: NA
Dominant Wave Period: NA
Visibility: NA

Great Lakes Water Temperature (Graphic)
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Pronóstico Detallado por puntoMueve el mapa del pronóo por punto arriba, y condiciones actuales, radar, y satelíte abajo.
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Pronóstico por Zona de Upper Entrance of Portage Canal to Eagle River MI (LSZ243)
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