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National Weather Service Forecast User Defined Area Forecast
WFO Omaha, NE
This page allows a user to get a forecast for an area they design. An area is created by clicking on the map and placing markers on the map to create a polygon. The forecast returned will be an average forecast for the entire area.
  • Click on map to set each marker.
  • There must be at least 3 markers to make an area.
  • All markers are draggable and removable (click on a marker to remove it).
  • Elevation limits (upper and lower) can be set using the drop down menus. Elevations are in feet.
  • The area size is restriction due to server load considerations. It is currently set to 3000 sq mile. An alert will appear if the area selected is too large.
  • Once an area is defined, click on "Get Area Forecast".
  • To start over, click Clear Map.
  • To save an area, bookmark the forecast page that is returned.
  • Note: Grids that fall within Marine areas will not be included in calculations. The term "grid" is an area that is 2.5km x 2.5km in the West, and 5km x 5km in the Mid-West and East.

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Get Area Forecast

Clear Map
Calculating Area Forecast...

The larger the area defined, the longer the calculations take.